The iPhone 11 is still the phone for most people in 2022

I’m back on the iPhone 11 and RSI issues aside I’m still impressed at how fast this phone is on the latest iOS. It’s a testament to the head room that’s in the A series of processors from Apple.

It’ll be 3 years this year that it’s been out and for the money I feel is the best value iPhone out there.

The battery is still mega, the camera is on par with the latest 13 (in my testing) and if you’re ok with a larger device it’s still the iPhone most people should buy.

It’s been the iPhone I’ve had the longest and I do have some affection for this device. The screen is bright and colourful and to my eyes whilst not as sharp as the iPhone 13 with it’s OLED is brighter.

It’ll be a shame when Apple discontinue this model this year but you can still pick them up used anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a great all rounder in a smartphone then the iPhone 11 might be the one to get.


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