iPhone 13 Mini: spending a week with the best small smartphone

I’m just over a week now with the iPhone 13 Mini and I’ve got to say that’s it’s the best small phone I’ve used. Whilst it has the same drawbacks as the usual 13 models in that it feels better with a case it’s easily the most comfortable phone to use since the iPhone 5.

My reason for giving one a try over my iPhone 11 was to try to help with some ongoing RSI issues. On that front it does seem to have helped a bit but in general I’ve stopped using my iPhone so much so may just be coincidence but when I am actually using it in hand, wow it’s so much better.

The two main concerns were battery and screen size.

Let’s do battery first. In my testing this week the battery is around 20% less at the end of the day compared to my few years old iPhone 11 (with 99% battery health). It’s great for me, gets me through the day with between 40-60% left at the end of it.

Screen is something I’m still getting used to. My eyes have gotten used to 6.1” but I’m adjusting. I’m also getting in the habit of using my iPad Mini in my phones place at home. 5.4” is still a good size but in 2020 it’s amazing how that feels small now.

The camera is excellent and build quality superb as you’d expect.

I’m still within my return window and having a good think about keeping it. In this economy it’s harder to justify but if I sell my iPhone 11 I’ll at least be able to contribute towards it a bit.

Any other mini users out there?


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