The best value iPhone in 2022

As I’ve been switching iPhone models I’ve been looking a lot at the used market and I think that the iPhone 11 is still the best value phone to get in 2022. Released in 2019 it’s still a great phone for any level of user. It’s camera holds up well against the 13, it’s got battery for days, a large screen and will continue to be supported on the latest version of iOS for at least another 3 years.

The only downside is the weight, which is definitely something you notice.

I feel that if you want a new phone on a budget you go for an SE but for anyone else get yourself a used 11. You can pick them up for £300 nowadays on auction sites and having used a 13 recently you aren’t missing out on that much in real day to day terms.

It’s also a good alternative if you encounter eye strain from the OLED models of iPhone.

Let me know if like me you are still using one daily.

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