Is the iPhone 13 Mini battery any good?

I’ve been using the iPhone 13 Mini again since last week and now the initial indexing has taken place I’m back to figuring out what a normal day using it is like. Coming from an iPhone 13 where I didn’t even think about charging and could sometimes go two days between charges, what do I think about the swap to the iPhone 13 Mini?

Well for my use, it’s gets me though the day with between 40% and 55% left. That’s taking some photos, listening to music, some social media, messages and mails.

I’m definitely using it a bit less than the 13 but that’s intentional. I’m trying to be on my devices a bit less at the moment so it’s all good.

If I hadn’t have had a 13 or even an 11 the Mini would have been some of the longest battery life I’d had in an iPhone, I’d say for most people it’ll be fine. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t write off the Mini just because you are concerned about potential battery life.


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