Is the iPhone 13 mini too small?

I’ve been switching between iPhone models this year, all in a bid to try to resolve some ongoing RSI issues. I’ve used the iPhone 7, 11, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Mini in the last 7 months and whilst I’m not fully settled yet I do have a good grasp on what each model offers.

I thought for this post I’d concentrate on the iPhone 13 Mini. A model I’d looked towards with it’s smaller form factor whilst keeping the great cameras from the 13 and the larger screen to body ratio than that of the SE 2022.

My view was to get the biggest storage iPhone 13 mini I could budget for and keep it for as long as possible given it doesn’t look like there will be a new model anytime soon.

What I’m finding is that it’s not too small so far. I do have the system setting set to zoom and the font size set a few clicks up from standard and for my use it’s working out ok. I’m having to adjust coming from a 6.1” screen but I’m also using my phone less. If I’m at home I’ll use my iPad Mini or MacBook Air, I’m not really mindlessly scrolling social media on it. I use it for a camera, music, podcasts and everything else you’d want from a phone when you’re out and about.

Typing is ok too, I’m not looking at the keyboard when I’m typing so I must be getting used to it.

I can use it one handed and not have to do hand gymnastics and thanks to the smaller device I hold it differently so the sharper edges don’t dig into my hand.

Where I think I can advise is, if you are looking for the 13 mini to be your only device then as long as you can handle a bigger device then get the regular 13 or the Pro, you’ll appreciate the larger screen.

If you have other devices or have RSI issues or want to disconnect a bit more or use your phone as a tool then the Mini is a great way to go. It’s not too small in my opinion and you might be pleasantly surprised at how much you like this smartphone that feels like it’s from a time where smartphones were a reasonable size.


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