The iPad Mini is still my favourite iPad and great for photography

It’s been another month or so with the new iPad Mini form factor and it’s become even more part of my day to day. I’m now regularly using it for note taking and it’s almost replaced my MacBook Air. It feels to me the perfect form factor for the iPad. Small and portable but still a powerhouse.

I feel that having the MacBook Air alongside this mini is the perfect setup for me at this point in my tech journey.

Where it shines for me also is with photography. I tend to take my DSLR out most places these days and being able to import and edit on a device I can chuck in my camera bag is great. I’m no professional but I love being able to unwind after a day trip by importing, sorting and editing.

I’m hoping these are selling in large numbers so we avoid what looks like is happening with the iPhone Mini going away this year.


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