Why do I keep the blog going

I write very short form here as you’ll most probably know. In fact my whole blog could be replaced by a tweet or series of tweets so I’m wondering why do I post here rather than just put it on social media?

For me it’s habit of what I know, being in control of my content and not being reliant on someone else’s platform.

I make no income from this venture and see myself as a bit of a failure so no need to keep this going, I’d save myself some money as it costs me to host this.

My monthly views mean nothing really to me in the grand scheme of things and I’d have more interaction on social media. Maybe it’s time to close this down and try something else like keeping to my newsletter or giving podcasting another go.

With money getting tighter and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better I am seriously considering moving to free platforms.

I think though it’s just the usual struggle of the creative person and like a lot of people I’ll stick around.


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