Smartphone software is more interesting than hardware

I’ve been looking around at switching out my iPhone 13 and I’m coming to the conclusion that aside from foldable screens I’m not seeing anything particularly interesting. We are at a point where the smartphone is just a slab of glass, nothing more. There isn’t a lot of innovation out there and for me least it’s what’s on it that’s important.

I’m pretty stuck in the Apple ecosystem at this point and whilst Android looks interesting I can’t bring myself to use a Samsung just for the folding screen having endured one as a work phone. The Pixel 6 isn’t that interesting to me and it’s massive.

I feel that iOS is still where the software innovation is happening with it’s third party app ecosystem. Most new apps go there first and there are a core group of developers keeping apps I use updated.

iOS itself is better now we have widgets and overall it gets the job done. Until we get a big form factor change like a folding iPhone I don’t see big updates coming to iOS and I’m ok with just tweaks. Focus mode hasn’t worked for me this year and I find it overwhelming. I’d like to see it being tweaked this year and I’d also like to see a focus on Home Screen customisation.

Whilst I look for a less RSI inducing experience on iOS I’ll be keeping an eye on the second hand market for a smaller phoned bargain.

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