Trapped in the Apple ecosystem

I’m seriously looking at switching platforms for at least one device and I realise I’m trapped in the Apple ecosystem. I can’t find an iPhone that sits well with my RSI so I’ve been looking at for at least my phone switching to an alternative. My problem is that over the years I’ve locked myself into iOS and macOS.

Most of the people I communicate with are on iOS and between messages, find my and photo sharing I’m left stuck.

I’m starting to switch from Apple apps now over to third parties that are cross platform and I’m using Signal more and more but I still think I’m trapped on iOS for now.

As iPhone users we are very reliant on Apple producing products we’re comfortable using, when that falls down we are left with devices we aren’t all happy with or can actually use on a day to day basis.

I’m also of the view that writing about tech gets boring and your opinion isn’t pushed unless you come out of that walled garden of Apple occasionally.

I switched from PlayStation to Xbox and have been loving it, maybe I’ll do the same to Android and at least I’ll have a more balanced view of what I like and dislike about iOS or an iPhone. Hmmm, decisions.

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