Apple News is the worst service

After looking at Apple One I decided to go in with a monthly subscription to test whether it would be worth it but I’ve already cancelled.

Removing the individual services I don’t need and just moving to Apple Music and iCloud is still the best option for me.

On looking at the individual services and removing them I laughed out loud when I saw £9.99 for News. In the past day of testing across my iPad and iPhone it’s a terrible experience.

The main feed serves the worst kinds of ads, there are news suggestions you can’t opt out of, the magazine list is less than the last time I used it and I’ve never got it working properly on my iPhone.

Great ad! Feels like buzzfeed or my local newspaper
Here’s what happens even after lots of restarts and debugging on my iPhone

I honestly can’t work out how Apple are charging £9.99 a month on top of making money from those terrible ads.



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