Is the iPhone 13 the most uncomfortable iPhone ever made?

I’m really struggling with the design of the modern iPhones. Whilst the 12 and 13 look absolutely amazing on a table using them is one of the most uncomfortable experiences I’ve had with any iPhone. I hate using cases but feel with the 13 you have to use one. I’ve had to put on the silicone case to even use it.

The squared off corners with no chamfered edges (like the 5) dig into my palm and make me fidget it around whilst I use it. I’m also starting to experience RSI like I’ve never had on any previous iPhone and may ultimately result in me moving away from an iPhone or switching to an older model.

Posts like this at least help me realise I’m not alone.

Of all of the phones I’ve used in the last few years the clear stand outs for comfort were the Pixel 3a and iPhone 7 and I might end up back on one of them or I may swap to an iPhone 13 Mini to test.

How do you find using a 12 or 13? Do you use a case?


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