Google Pixel Watch vs Apple Watch

The rumours were true and yesterday Google officially announced the Pixel Watch. To me it looks nice, kind of like a round Apple Watch. In fact if Apple changed the design of the current square Watch this is what I’d imagine it would look like.

As someone that loves mechanical watches I find the current design of the Apple Watch boring, a square slab that’s both too thick and square to really look like a cool Watch.

I think though that in terms of functionality, especially when it comes to fitness it’ll be hard to beat what Apple have established and it’s the main reason I still look over at Apple Watch and wonder if I could wear one again.

Watching Google I/O I think Google are definitely taking a lot of inspiration from Apple with Apple Pay like features, integrating Fitbit as a fitness brand and and also having similar changeable bands.

It’s hard to fully compare though because neither play well with each other. If you’re on iOS then Apple Watch is the only real choice and if you’re on Android then you’d have to say even though it’s not out yet to hold off and get a Pixel Watch.

You wouldn’t switch platforms just for a wearable but I’m hoping Apple and Google are successful and push each other. The Apple Watch needs some competition to push it forward.

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