Twitter is where the community is

I’ve been thinking a lot about my stance on leaving Twitter for a bit but I’m discovering that it’s where the community is, especially readers of my content. I now feel that I’m writing for no one.

Matt wrote up a great post over at Birchtree and after using Discord for a bit and setting up my own Slack I’m of the same mind.

I’ve had little to no interaction in my own Slack, which I thought could be a good alternative but at the end of the day I need to stick to where the community already is. I do get readers from general web searches, it’s where the majority of my traffic comes from but when it comes to interaction, it’s 90% via Twitter.

It was thanks to the friends I made via Twitter that I freelance wrote, got support when I needed it to keep my site going and get comments on my writing.

Managing the negative of Twitter is something I’ll need to do via mute and managing who I’m following.

Regarding it’s owner, well they don’t own it yet and I’ll continue to take a wait and see approach.

I’m so conflicted but serving the readers of my content is taking priority and I’ll be patient (I’m not great at this) with this whole thing.

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