Halo Infinite Season 2 thoughts

Halo Infinite season 2 dropped on us yesterday and I’ve got about an hour into it and have some initial thoughts I wanted to share. First off last Spartan standing is a lot of fun, I managed to win my first game but it’s been a lot harder since then… at first I thought having multiple respawns was silly vs one but now I’ve played it I get why. The game lasts longer and it gives you time to level up to gain the better weapons.

Here’s a good write up on the individual changes but it’s nice to see reduced melee damage. Even a reduction by 10% has made a difference.

However I’m disappointed that there aren’t many new maps. I would have thought in six months 343 could have given us something more and given the apparent lack of players I do worry that it’s slowly being wound down for the team to focus on something else. With Microsoft money I’d hope they would have two development teams, one for online and another giving us another campaign or sequel to Infinite.

I shouldn’t complain given I’ve not paid anything but when they want to compete with other free to play I feel they need a focus to roll out features faster.

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