My favourite MagSafe accessories

I’ve been using an iPhone 13 for a month or so now and only really just discovered the benefits of using MagSafe.

I’ve found that I use two accessories almost daily that I’m really enjoying having.

The first up is the Anker battery I’m using. I’m finding that I only charge via MagSafe these days. So if I’m at home I’ll plug a USB-C cable into the battery pack and charge via MagSafe. If I’m out and about and think I’ll need it then I’ll bring along the battery that is fully charged.

The iPhone 13 has great battery life so it’s for long trips away from power that it will come in handy. It will also charge my AirPods Pro case so it’s dual purpose on that front, I always forget that the case is MagSafe compatible.

My final accessory that I’m using a lot and enjoying is the Belkin MagSafe car mount. It works well with or without a case and my device hasn’t dropped off in motion at all. I’m not using the mount to charge, simply hold the phone in place whilst driving. I charge via a lightning in the car as it also takes the phone audio but this was the same price as the standard MagSafe holder with no charger sold at Apple.

Do you have any MagSafe accessories you use every day?

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