I’m stopping actively using Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for years and this week has definitely had me thinking a lot about the service. Elon is showing this week the way the service is going to end up to me and for it’s not a good one. I’m seeing him mocking his own future employees, who are under a huge amount of stress just showing him for the troll he is and lack of human decency he has.

I’ve decided to stop using the service completely for my own mental health, this reminds me of being back in 2016 where a certain bully was using it as his pulpit.

I’m not deleting my account just yet as I’ll be sharing my posts from here via automation but logging on and using it as I did is stopping.

I’ll be checking in on the service maybe now and again to see if someone else has outbid Musk but I’m done.

How are you feeling about the service?

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