Xbox Series X: long term review

I realised today that I’ve had my Series X for 10 months so thought I’d jot down a few thoughts on how I’m feeling about it 10 months later.

This was the first Xbox I’d purchased since the 360 and I’ve owned every PlayStation, my current console was the PS4 Pro. I had the choice of a PS5 or the Series X and I have to say I have zero regrets about choosing the X.

The main reasons for making this switch were the games I wanted to play (Halo Infinite, Forza and Flight Sim) and Game Pass. Games are expensive at £60-£80 a go and being able to get access to a library of games at £10.99 a month was very attractive. Game Pass has lived up to everything I expected. It’s great being able to pop in, download and just play without the worry of if it’s going to be a good game or not. I’ve also discovered indie games that I would never have thought to try (check out Totally Accurate Battle Simulator).

The console hardware itself has been great too. It’s been reliable and quiet. Even playing these great looking next generation games I don’t even hear the fan. My PS4 sounds like a jet engine, it’s louder than the TV volume even when sat in the menu.

The controller at first was larger than I was used to but now I prefer it over the dual shock of the PlayStation. I do wish though it came with a rechargeable battery rather than having to purchase wasteful AA batteries. You can purchase a rechargeable pack separately and I will be doing this once my current set of AA run out. I feel for the money Microsoft should have included this.

The interface is intuitive now I’m used to it and is very fast compared to what I was used to on my PS4 Pro where the interface at times was laggy. I’m sure it’s better on PS5 but I can’t compare having never even seen a PS5.

So overall I’m very happy with my Xbox Series X, the exclusive games have been great and I’m especially loving Flight Simulator. I have no regrets choosing this over a PS5 and game pass is a system seller. I’d definitely recommend picking up an Xbox Series X (or S) of you want to give it a try.

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