I stopped trying to make the iPad something it isn’t

I’ve been using an iPad since the original launched and over that time tried to use it as my main machine that does everything. This has always led to frustration but over the last year of owning both a MacBook Air and iPad Mini this has changed.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Apple doesn’t see the iPad as your do everything machine, so I stopped trying.

My iPad Mini is a companion device but in letting it be an iPad I’m actually using it the majority of the time. It’s that device between an iPhone and a Mac. I use it for editing photos, taking notes, checking email and consuming content.

I don’t try to make it do things it’s not good at. If I want to create I use the Mac. If I want to do some Zoom meetings and take notes at the same point I use the Mac.

I’ve found where the iPad fits into my workflow and let it excel at that.

I think that even Apple are figuring out where the iPad fits in. It needs to cater for both a school age kid and a Pro. I don’t see how it can be good at both with iPadOS in it’s current state. But, with iPadOS 16 just around the corner maybe this year the iPad will be lifted up a bit with some updates because I feel it’s in an odd on hold state for many Pro users now.


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