A basic iPhone Home Screen

I’ve stopped worrying about productivity apps and started to just use the basics, this led to my Home Screen completely changing and also being more simplified as you can see.

The main changes since last time

  • Settled on using Apple apps for productivity. They do the basics well and don’t cost a monthly subscription
  • Pixelmator Photo editor has worked it’s way onto the main Home Screen
  • Glass is my only social media app I put on the main page, I’m in it multiple times a day
  • Reeder is my only source of reading news
  • Now I’m the owner of a car again I’ve moved Apple Maps onto the Home Screen although that may change. In using it I’m realising it’s flaws (including yesterday telling me instructions after turns!)

I’m still planning on starting up a podcast again to talk about this stuff, if you’d like to come on please let me know.

(Wallpaper is from Initial Charge).

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