Why I still take my DSLR out with me

I’m a big fan of iPhone photography but on days out I always go back to taking my Canon 70D DSLR.

I’m not the greatest photographer but I do enjoy getting in closer than my iPhone ever will and love the background blur I can get.

I take my Canon out everywhere with me pretty much. Be a day at the Zoo, an air show (remember those!), national trust visit or even just an early morning walk.

I just can’t get anywhere close with an iPhone and wouldn’t expect to.

I think of my iPhone as a way to store memories of where I’ve been and I’m not worried about fidelity of the image.

If I’m out somewhere I know I’ll want to use images as wallpapers or really want to practise then the DSLR comes with me.

Where the iPhone easily has the DSLR beat though is video and I use my iPhone 13 a lot when I’m out. Even using digital zoom it’s a great way to record bits of your trip.

Do you use your iPhone for everything when you go out and about?

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