Gran Turismo 7 is less fun than Forza Horizon 5

I’ve been playing Gran Turismo since the original PlayStation days and always loved the detail and replays but since discovering the Forza Horizon series it’s become less fun and more of a grind.

Even on my PS4 Pro it looks stunning and the replays are great but now I’m a good few hours in I’m bored. Collecting cars from challenges via the Café has become monotonous and I’m just not getting into modding like I used to. I was going to get a PS5 just for this game but I’m not going to bother now, I’d rather upgrade my PS4 for Spider-Man at some point I think.

In stark contrast I fired up Forza Horizon 5 on my Xbox Series X and was immediately enjoying it. The open world more arcade like, online setting of Forza is just more enjoyable (for me).

There’s no grinding through licenses or having to complete certain races, I’m free to jump in a car and drive anywhere I want. It’s also fun having online players in your world to compete against or just cruise around with.

From seeking XP boards to knock down to how far you can cover on a jump and compare to your friends has been really fun.

I appreciate that you aren’t racing on famous racing tracks but I can play F1 2021 for that (it’s on game pass by the way).

So, as a long time Gran Turismo fan it’s been interesting to have another series to compare against and for me, Forza is more fun.

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