iOS 16 widgets

I’ve started to think about iOS 16 coverage and at the moment I’m thinking about breaking it down by app or function. I’ve been using widgets on my Home Screen a lot so thought I’d start there.

Set their theme independent of the system setting

Sometimes I like to run in light mode but I want the widgets to stay in dark mode. A lot of third party apps allow this but Apple apps don’t, I’d like to see this added.

Smaller widgets

I’d like an app icon sized widget type. Like now we have the calendar icon showing the correct date I’d like more. Weather to show actual weather, Reminders to show number of tasks due etc.

Placing them where I want

I hope iOS 16 does away with snap to grid for apps and widgets. I’d like to be able to place them wherever I want regardless of what white space is around them.

What do you want from iOS 16 widgets?

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