Using Apple Reminders to get things done

Since the refresh of Apple Reminders I’ve been using it more and more, I’ve now just kept on using it. It’s a simple app but does everything you’d want in a to do app.

I’ve kept things pretty simple as you’ll see from my lists above. I split my main focus down to lists and then just set due dates on items. I also have a sub folder for my creative projects, that’s it.

I like Reminders for it’s integration with the iOS share sheet, adherence to the larger system font I use, widget and ability to add details like a URL to the task.

What I don’t like is the amount of clicks it takes to set details on the Mac but I don’t really use it much on macOS so it doesn’t stop me using it.

I use the widget on my home screen to keep on top of things when they are due. If they are really important I’ll set a due time so I get a pop up reminder.

I don’t use tags, I recommend you don’t either. Keep organisation via lists rather than tags, it makes it a lot easier visually to see how the tasks break down.

Do you use Apple Reminders? Any tips?


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