The best and worst things about the Apple silicone cases

I’ve been using my iPhone 13 mostly case-less but using it in my car again had me rethinking this as it slipped around whilst driving. I ended up picking up an Apple silicone case again and I both like and hate this case.

The good

There are some good things about this case. First off if you want some colour then it’s the way to go. I picked up Product (RED) and like the way it looks. Secondly the buttons are easy to press and offer good feedback. Lastly it lets you use the iPhone without it slipping off a sofa or other surface.

The bad

The bad outweighs the good in three main areas. I’m already seeing wear and tear on the case, the phone tends to slip out at the corners and it’s a lint magnet. This last one is the main reason I don’t like using this case, it picks up anything that touches it.

For it to be this grippy it needs to be tacky and unfortunately this means you’ll be wiping it off multiple times a day.

I picked up a MagSafe car mount and I’ll be going case-less with my iPhone.

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