Should you buy Apple Care +?

I’ve been coming up against Apple Care expiring and started to think about which products Apple Care + is really made for. What I’ve come to realise is that where I’ve claimed on it in the past has been for devices that leave my home. So for me that has been my iPhone and iPad. My Apple Care has expired or is non existent on my Apple devices that don’t leave the house like our Apple TV or iMac.

If you’re thinking about whether you should purchase it then I’d advise that for any device you take with you, get it. Personally I have it on my iPhone 13, iPad Mini and MacBook Air. These all go out of the house with me and given their more portable nature are at higher risk of damage.

I’d also consider the age of the device. On my older iPhone 11 I didn’t bother extending as the iPhone model can be picked up refurbished for an affordable price. On something newer like the 12 or 13 I’d have Apple Care.

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