Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker saga is repetitive and overwhelming

I was hoping this would be a fun post on my thoughts about a great Lego game but unfortunately it’s not quite worked out like that for me.

In my play time with this massive Lego game I’m left disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, the graphics and humour we love from the Lego games is there but it’s a bit overwhelming. The UI in cluttered, the sheer amount of options with unlocking abilities and characters is too massive for a game of this type and the collection of studs for unlocks gets repetitive.

I’m also not keen on the up sell of in game content as soon as I first fired up the game. I’ve just paid £49 for the game, please don’t immediately point me towards buying more unlocks on top of an already expensive outlay.

For me, this is a miss and I’m already back playing other games in my queue.

My advice is to hold off on this game until it’s less than £20 or on game pass then it’ll be worth playing for the humour but other than that it’s a don’t buy from me.

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