How to get more traffic to your blog

I try not to pay too much attention to the amount of traffic that comes to my blog but I have to admit it does help my motivation to keep going.

There two things I’ve noticed about building consistent traffic here.

Post less on social media

Use of social media is a bit of an enemy to building your blog. I find spending less time on Twitter and posting my thoughts here is a better way to go. I still get the engagement and comments but I have the satisfaction of knowing my content is owned by me on my site. It helps slow me down and be less reactive too.

Be consistent

Posting consistently helps enormously with growth on your blog. I find that as the image above shows I see a significant drop in visits when I’m posting less. This may seem obvious but it’s actually pretty hard to get into a rhythm of posting consistently. As I mentioned in the first section, posting less thoughts on social media will help here also.

Does traffic even matter?

This depends on your goals. For me, this isn’t a money earner and whilst I’ve tried it in the past I’ve found calm in knowing that this is a site for my thoughts I’m putting out there and will never support me financially. I can write about my passions and not be concerned about pleasing a sponsor or advertiser. I also don’t need to write click bait and can be true to myself.

The days of making money from a blog are gone thanks to social media and a move to video and the attention economy so if you’re going to blog make sure you’re ok with this.

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