The iPhone SE demand isn’t low because of it’s design

Recent reports are indicating that the demand for the iPhone SE is down on expectations, not really a surprise to me.

We’re still in a pandemic, we have war in Europe and ever increasing cost of living expenses.

The 9to5 take though I think is wrong.

External factors or not, it does feel like Apple has pushed the iPhone 8-based form factor as far as it can, and it’s time for future entry-level models to drop the Home button and be based on a modern iPhone design.

I feel that people are realising that a new iPhone is a luxury not a need. In these times wants are less and needs are more, only spend on that which you actually need. Paying for household bills is the focus especially when we don’t know how bad things are going to get.

I think that there are plenty of people that prefer this design over using FaceId plus some also just don’t want a large phone.

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