Using the iPhone 13 without a case

I’ve never been a fan of using a case on my iPhone. Since my 3G I’ve always gone back and forth between no case and case and always end up taking it off. Since then we got Apple Care+ and the added protection that brings if you needed it to replace your screen or device.

I’m not one that is bothered by scratches, I love patina on stuff. But I don’t want to walk around with a cracked screen.

For me the benefit of an iPhone 13 is taken away with a case. I love how thin and light it is, all with that large 6.1” screen.

I much prefer the tacky glass on the iPhone 13 vs the matte on the Pro. I prefer the look of the aluminium sides of the 13 but admittedly they aren’t as grippy as the stainless steel on the X or Pro models.

For me, when I see £60 for an Apple leather then £20 for a screen protector I think that’s 10 months of Apple Care + payments.

That’s the main reason for me, I’ll pay the monthly Apple Care cost should I drop and break it and enjoy the feel of the iPhone with no case.


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