A lot of people in the UK want to watch F1 TV

I’ve been an F1 fan for as long as I can remember, only cemented when I was lucky enough to get to travel to Belgium and watch the GP 10 years ago, wow time goes quickly. Unfortunately here in the UK we are stuck with paying SKY for our coverage. The best deal I found on this is £20 a month for NOWTV so it’s not exactly cheap.

F1 TV has been the best experience for me to watch in the past with no ad breaks but the same race coverage. You also get the ability to catch up straight away instead of the day after like with SKY.

I’ve seen a massive uptick in views on my post about this and it shows the interest that us here in the UK have for paying F1 for their own service. Unfortunately we won’t get this in the normal manner and have to pay SKY for a good while yet.


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