Manual winding a mechanical watch

I’ve been a big watch nerd for years but only recently picked up a manual winding watch. I’ve had plenty of quartz and an automatic but for some reason was concerned about owning a manual winding watch.

I’ve found the whole process to be a surprisingly mindful one. It’s only takes about 10-15 turns a day of the crown and is a little breather that I check in to each day. Being in the moment and focussing on the sound of the movement and winding count is turning out to be pretty meditative.

If you’re worried about overwinding – don’t. There’s a definite stop that you feel. You could force it past this point, then you’ll be potentially damaging the movement but if you’re worried about accidentally overwinding, don’t you’ll feel the stop.

The only thing to consider outside of this 10-15 a day is if like mine it’s a chronograph and you it to time things like cooking throughout the day. You might find your timer stops near the end of the day so you’ll need to do some extra winding.

Let me know if you feel the same way with watches.

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