Should you get the iPad Air or iPad Mini?

I’ve been looking at the reviews of the iPad Air and wondering if I made a mistake by buying the Mini but I’ve realised now that they are for two different use cases.

The iPad Air is a product that is meant as a laptop replacement. Especially with it’s magic keyboard, depending on the type of user you are it can suit all of your computing needs.

The iPad Mini is a complimentary device for someone that already has a laptop and want a portable device that they can take more places and be comfortable using.

For me, I have the MacBook Air and an iPad Mini serving all of my needs. These days I use the Mini 90% of the time. The Air gets used when I need to do Zoom calls or got a more intense bit of work and want a keyboard.

So, if you’re after a laptop alternative get the iPad Air. If you’re looking for something more portable and already have something with a keyboard like a laptop or desktop then get the Mini.

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