Where does the iPad mini fit in?

I picked up a new iPad Mini just over a month ago and it’s fitted into my setup really well. This coincided with switching around iPhone models a bit and with my MacBook Air being my main device in the house.

What I’ve found over this month is that it’s almost completely replaced my MacBook Air, not something I was expecting.

I’m doing less creative projects now as I try to sort myself out and the iPad Mini is perfect for everything I’m doing.

It’s my digital notebook, a window into eBay for selling stuff (I’m having a bit of a clear out!), my canvas for sketching, my entertainment device for watching movies and the F1 and overall it’s been good for my ergonomics.

The larger screen is better for my eyes and it’s portable enough to be used in place of my iPhone at home for the majority of the time.

I’ve taken it out and about a bit and it certainly takes up a lot less room in my camera bag than my MacBook Air.

It might be my favourite iPad of all time.

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