iPhone 11 – the best iPhone in 2022?

As you’ll know I’ve been switching things around a lot in my setup and whilst I enjoyed going back to the size of the iPhone X I’m back on the iPhone 11. For me it came down to two things, battery and camera.

The battery and purchase price (especially used) are the main reasons I think that the iPhone 11 is the best iPhone to buy in 2022.

I still don’t love the weight but I’m trading it for that two day battery life.

On the camera side of things I do wish it had a 2x zoom rather than the ultra wide that I hardly ever use but the quality in photo over the iPhone X is very noticeable for me. Most of my images are indoors at home and when you look at images taken on both the iPhone X and 11 in this sort of lighting the 11 wins every time.

If you can handle the size and weight then the 11 is the best balance of price and functionality you’ll get in a modern iPhone.


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