Where is the iPhone 11 better than the iPhone X?

Since having a couple of weeks on the iPhone X and being on an iPhone 11 before that I’m starting to notice where the iPhone 11 has it beat.


In day to day use you don’t notice a huge amount of difference but you do lose some useful features. The main being that on the iPhone X you can’t copy text from an image. On the iPhone 11 I used this all of the time and missing it weekly.

Night time photography

The iPhone X isn’t great in lower light conditions. The iPhone 11 has a way better camera than on the X if you are ok losing that zoom.


The iPhone has some of the best battery life of all iPhone models. The iPhone X gets through a day fine for me but I’m definitely a bit more conscious of keeping an iPhone on it when I’m out and about.

Screen size

My older eyes are starting to feel the drop down to a 5.8” from a 6.1”. This may be the deciding factor if I switch back.

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