Is the iPhone zoom or ultra wide more useful in day to day use?

I’ve been using an iPhone X for the past couple of weeks and really appreciated having a 2x zoom back in my hand. This got me thinking about how it compared to the ultra wide that my iPhone 11 gives me.

In my use case I’m finding that optical 2x zoom is more useful in the usual day to day photography. It isn’t amazing indoors but really does a good job outdoors and in good lighting. I’m taking day trips out and images at home with family and pets etc.

The ultra wide is great for getting interesting angles on buildings or to fit an entire room into an image but for me at least I don’t find myself using it day to day.

Since switching to the iPhone X I’ve not missed the ultra wide at all.

If you get the choice between an iPhone with an optical vs one with an ultra wide I feel that you should get the ultra wide.

I know a lot of people zoom in digitally but the quality isn’t as good as if you have a dedicated telephoto lens.

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