Using an iPhone X for a week in 2022

I’ve been almost a week now with my recently purchased iPhone X and I’m sold on this being the right form factor for me. I also feel great that I’ve bought used and done my bit for the environment.

The model I’m using is the 256GB in silver. I really like the rounded sides and grippy back of this phone, no case for me.

I’ve not noticed any performance issues in my day to day tasks and all apps I’m using are fine.

The battery hasn’t been as good as the iPhone 11 but it gets me through the day fine.

The camera isn’t quite as good as the iPhone 11 but it’s still good. It’s nice having the 2x telephoto back but is a bit grainy indoors.

Overall I’m happy using this iPhone X in 2022. At the £250 I paid it’s a great used bargain if you are looking for an iPhone and want the older design or just want to save some money.

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