iPhone X battery performance

I’ve been using the iPhone X for a few days now and wanted to report back on some battery observations. My used model came with 100% battery capacity so I’m guessing it’s been replaced recently or it was hardly used.

What I’m finding is it’s definitely less than what I get from my iPhone 11, where I can go two days between charges. The X will get me through the day easily enough in normal use, which is sending messages, taking photos and listening to music. If you push it and use it like an iPad at home you’ll be charging by 3pm if you take it off the charger at say 9am.

It’s fine for my use but if it’s your main device you might want to get an iPhone 11 instead. I use my iPad Mini a lot in the day so I’m pretty good on my iPhone. I’m using it more in these last few days as it’s a new device to me and I want to make sure it’s all working ok.

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