The games I’ve been playing

I don’t talk a lot about video games here, which is strange because it’s my favourite way to relax. I have a few different systems and play all of them.

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying most over the last couple of months.

Minecraft continues to be a game I enjoy playing with my daughter. Be it split screen on the Xbox or online via the Switch we always have a great time.

Gang Beasts is another game we both enjoy and get a lot of laughs from.

Halo: Infinite has been a really great game for me. I love the series and the open (ish) world of infinite had me hooked. Multiplayer is fun too but recently players have been dropping off and finding a game takes ages sometimes.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is still my chill out, played almost daily game. It’s still an amazing accomplishment that it runs this well on a console and I’m a bit hooked at downloading planes (F-14 is my go to).

Forza Horizon 5 is stunning and again almost played daily. I got really into 4 and the graphics improvements alone is worth it.

That’s my current list, what’s yours?

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