Should I buy the iPhone X or the iPhone 11?

Using a few different iPhone models over the last month has really given me an appreciation for how older models hold up. I’m now on an iPhone X (silver, 256GB) having been using an iPhone 11 (red, 128GB) for a year. The main reason I’ve done this is RSI. The iPhone 11 is a pretty wide and heavy device and it’s been tiring for my already not great hands (that’s working in IT for you…).

Looking at the used prices for each of these devices surprisingly there isn’t a huge amount between them. You’ll save around £100 getting an X over an 11 in 2022 but you will get double the storage.

The iPhone 11 has a better camera (although you’ll lose the 2x zoom), a less detailed screen but better battery.

But if weight and in hand comfort is what you’re after then the X is the only choice.

11 has:

  • A wider and heavier body
  • A better camera, especially indoors
  • Ultra wide camera
  • Easily all day battery life
  • Cooler colours
  • 6.1” screen

X has:

  • Smaller and lighter body
  • A clear and colourful screen
  • Good battery
  • 2 x zoom
  • 5.8” screen

They’ll both run the latest iOS for years to come. In day to use the 11 is maybe a little more responsive but nothing that makes me want to use it over the X.

So, if it’s in hand comfort get the X. If it’s not then get the 11, used there isn’t much in it and the camera and battery improvements are worth it.

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