What does a Musicmagpie very good condition iPhone look like?

I’ve been switching around phones a bit lately and I think I’ve found comfort now using an iPhone X sized device. The screen is still large but unlike my 11 it’s comfortable in the hand and still has a good camera and battery.

I was surprised at how good prices are now on a 256GB model. £250 gets you a very good condition iphone that was over £1000 in 2017.

On unboxing I’m surprised at how good it is. No scratches on the screen, battery at 100% and all working as expected (so far).

The only signs of wear is at the bottom around the speakers where it had a case on it and along the side where there are some light scratches on the stainless steel sides.

Im trying to be more sensitive to the environmental issues around my tech buying habits and buying used is a sustainable way to do it.

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