Picking a blogging platform

With my business account expiring at WordPress I needed to decide what to do next. I looked at moving to Squarespace, going all in with Micro.Blog or looking at Medium but I’ve stayed here at WordPress on a personal account (at £89 a year).

Looking at my options I felt that WordPress was the best option for me, mainly because of the price. Both Squarespace and Micro.Blog were going to be around £10 a month, WordPress works out cheaper for my already established site here.

I took one look at Medium and was reminded why I stopped posting there in the first place. Being recommended posts like “I get up a 1am and I am more productive than you will ever be” or “How I make $10M a year selling NFT’s” etc… was enough for me never to want to go to that site again.

So, for me and my requirements to post from both macOS and iOS staying here at WordPress was the right move for me.

Where are you posting?


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