Revisiting the iPad Mini

Since I returned my iPad Mini last year I’ve been iPad-less for the first time since the original launch. I’ve got an iPhone 11 and MacBook Air and for a while it was fine for a bit I’ve missed having an iPad in the line up.

I’ve missed something bigger than my iPhone that I could use for reading magazines on, watch video and have as a notebook sized digital companion that I could take notes with.

Despite my reservations about ‘jelly scroll’ I thought I would dive back in again with my favourite sized iPad – the iPad mini.

This time I picked up a starlight model with a white cover with 256GB of storage. I wanted the larger storage for storing video for when I am out and about. I also like to use it as a place to export images from my DSLR when I’m not at home.

The starlight colour is definitely different to what I’ve experienced when I had an iPhone 13 Mini. It’s more champagne than silver, with the white coloured case I like it. I’m not a fan of gold on my devices but it works here.

On using it I’m immediately back in love with this size. The jelly scroll is still there but I’m able to ignore it and just enjoy the device this time around. Having that more comfortable (than my MacBook Air) experience that I can use sat in bed or on the sofa outweighs this issue.

I’m looking forward to using it daily again.


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