What does digital minimalism mean to me?

This year I really wanted to try to be more intentional about how I’m using my technology. The first step was to read through Cal Newport’s book on the subject.

I’m in the process of working through a digital declutter, where I’m taking breaks from various activities that have been time sucks or raised my anxiety. I’m also figuring out what my connection with technology is going forward.

For me so far it’s meant spending more time in solitude. What I mean here is more time with my thoughts, not spending time on my own. By dropping habits such as constantly checking Twitter or having an AirPod in my ear listening to something I’m having time being bored. This is essential to letting your brain calm down and process. It also gives you more time to get clarity around your creative projects or life goals.

I’m finding that although I’m only 9 days into this process I’m already finding it a little easier to focus. I’m also a little more relaxed in general. Spending all day working in IT also means I’m on a screen less in the evenings, not much to be honest but less than before.

For me this is what I’ve done

  • No newsfeed, not checking mainstream news
  • No podcasts that annoy or bore me, it’s amazing the ones you’ll listen to out of habit. I’m down to maybe 2 podcasts now from 10
  • No social media on my iPhone, well no social media full stop right now
  • When I use my iPhone or laptop it’s intentional. Like writing this post or checking the weather

That’s where I am right now, figuring this whole thing out but I’d definitely recommend trying this and seeing how it improves your day, time for projects or general mood.

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