Using the smartphone as a tool

I’ve been playing with various iPhone models over the last couple of months and settled on the iPhone 7. It’s really helped me be more intentional about my mobile computing and I think helped me get a bit more focus, be in the moment and be ok with my own thoughts I.e. be bored. I’m using my iPhone now as a tool. Most of the time it’s sat on the desk.

What I mean by this is it serves me, not the other way around. I do have apps but not distractions. No social media or news are my main ones missing here. I’m still figuring out how I engage with social media so I’m just off that at the moment. I’ve also noticed I’m in a better mood generally when I’m not engaged in the news cycle.

My iPhone 7 is a phone, a messaging device, a music player and conduit for my Apple Watch (yes, I’m using one again at the moment). It feels like back when I had my Motorola Razr and it’s a nice change.

I’m not advocating everyone to do this but I would say that if you are feeling overwhelmed or want to spend less time on the screen then at least starting off with removing distractions and move them away to your laptop. Things like checking in with social media every Sunday for 30 minutes or keeping your video watching to your TV. It’s important I feel to be ok with doing nothing and let your mind rest, not always engaged.

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