Do I still like Todoist?

I’ve been a Todoist user on and off for years now and I’m also part of the affiliate program but I’ve been trying other apps lately. I’ve tried Reminders, Things and Omnifocus.

In the end though whilst I do have my problems with Todoist I keep coming back.

Here’s some of what I do like

  • Sync is rock solid
  • Repeating reminders are easy to implement with natural language parsing and they are easy to see
  • The app doesn’t clutter itself with things like timers or habits
  • The Home Screen widget is reliable at updating when the app is updated
  • It adheres to the accessibility settings of my device
  • It’s a dedicated team. With something like Reminders I feel that if I have bugs I’ll never have them resolved and the app will stagnate for years now it’s had a bit of an overhaul. Apple don’t have a dedicated Reminders development team to keep it up to date and move it forward

Here’s what I don’t like

  • Cannot set the theme of the widget independently of the app. I like a light mode in the app but want a dark mode on the widget
  • I’d like to see Calendar integration into the today and upcoming views like Things 3 does
  • Creating sub projects is still a little fiddly

So with any to do app you pick the one that annoys you the least, for me it’s Todoist right now. What are you using?


4 responses to “Do I still like Todoist?”

  1. Maybe I’m a little harsh on that one. Do you feel they are working between big OS releases? Maybe I need to read the release notes more to get on those point ones.

  2. Todoist does not work for me as it relies so much on due dates. I tend to work with start dates and/or deferring, which is why I’m using Things at the moment. Unfinished tasks move forward nicely in the Today view, instead of becoming overdue and stressful.

  3. I’m not sure it’s accurate to say that Apple doesn’t have a dedicated team on Reminders.

    Admittedly it’s updates are tied to OS releases, but there are semi-meaningful updates in point releases.

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