How to get the most battery life out of an old iPhone

I’ve been running an iPhone 7 with 95% battery capacity for quite a few days now and the biggest issue by far is battery life. I’m often charging at 3pm and that’s just after a few photos and listening to music for a couple of hours during the due.

I have managed to get through the day now though but had to change quite a few settings. I’m not sure if it’ll last on a day trip but at least for now this works for me.

  • Turn off Bluetooth when you aren’t using it. Unless I’m using my AirPods Bluetooth is off on my iPhone
  • Turn off background refresh (settings, general, background app refresh, toggle the switch to off)
  • Turn off all notifications except phone and messages (settings, notifications)
  • Turn off fitness tracking (settings, privacy, motion & fitness, turn off fitness tracking)

This is working ok for me right now but when I’m out and about more only time will tell. I’m on a bit of a digital declutter at the moment so that probably plays into the fact that I’m getting along ok. I’m using my phone a lot less and trying to be more intentional about how I’m using my devices.

You can also implement using low power mode when you’re out and about if need be. Im yet to test this out.

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