Intentional computing

As I’ve been switching between different iPhone models it’s become clear to me that right now I need the iPhone (or any smartphone) to be a tool and to pick the one that’s comfortable for my RSI, forgetting any other shortcomings. It’s also clear that certain tasks are better suited to the MacBook Air, so I’m trying to be more intentional about which device I use.

For my mobile setup I’m currently on an iPhone 7 and I’m reducing my screen time significantly and trying to use the phone for messaging, phone calls, blogging, listening to music, keeping on top of my calendar and maps where needed. I have no social media apps installed or apps that I find distracting. The apps on my mobile platform should serve me in my goals or be useful in daily use.

For my desktop the MacBook Air is being used. It’s for longer blog posts, any freelance work, creative projects, image editing, web use, social media check in, email and general computing needs. The Air is a great laptop and has been serving me well over the last 6 months, I think it’s my favourite Mac ever.

I no longer have an iPad in this setup. I do occasionally miss having one but if I’m trying to use devices less and more intentionally then I shouldn’t pick one up.

On the camera front I’m going to be using my Canon 70D more, I always take it on day trips but thinking where I can I’ll use it for day to day stuff. I’m actually thinking about mirrorless or compact so if you have any suggestions let me know via my contact page.

I’m still unsure of the iPhone 7 battery life but looking over at the rumoured updated SE with interest. If I can’t get through a day trip then it’ll have to go.

Anyway I hope you liked this post an let me know if you are looking to use your smartphone less in 2022.

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