The most important feature on a smartphone

As you might know I’m currently using an iPhone 7 but also switching back to my iPhone 11, I’m trying to figure a few things out.

On using the iPhone 7 yesterday I realised the most important feature that might force me over to the iPhone 11 – battery.

I’d previously thought that the most important feature of a smartphone was the camera but living with the iPhone 7 camera for a bit it’s actually ok for day to day. I’m not printing them out, they are there for memories. I can grab my Canon DSLR if I want a good quality image.

As I’m using the iPhone 7, even with everything turned off (background app refresh, Bluetooth etc) I can see the % ticking down. I realised that in my use I’ve gone through 30% of the battery in an hour and a half. I can’t use this phone when I’m out and about or on a day trip.

This one trade off might be why I move back to the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 is a two day phone for me, it’s a battery monster.

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