Why I don’t think the iPhone 14 will have a hole punch camera

There’s a lot of rumours now that the next iPhone will have a hole punch cutout for the camera but I don’t see it happening.

This is my work phone, could you guess the brand?

We’ll, if I didn’t know it was a Samsung then I wouldn’t be able to tell what phone it was. I’d know it was an Android phone but no idea what the brand was.

Even from a long distance or a quick glance on a TV show this is an iPhone. Love it or hate it the notch identifies that it’s an iPhone in the modern age of it’s design.

If Apple go with a hole punch it’ll disappear into the sea of Android phones that we see everywhere. I just don’t see Apple doing this.

Being able to identify an iPhone in a crowd or in your favourite celebrities hand I’d imagine is very important to Apple and I don’t see this changing.

What do you think? Are there enough rumours to start to believe or do you think they want to keep the notch as a way of identifying an iPhone from a Samsung?

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